How I love Unlce Sam

Tax Returns are something that everyone loves. I don't mind getting a chunk of money every year! It's funny how big we talk about what we are going to get and how we should spend it. I think we just suck at saving money.
You see we didn't do SO BAD...we are taking half and paying off some credit card debt...yay
I've really been needing a new mop...so we are trading in my swiffer for a shark mop! Steam, sanitize...oh it all sounds so magical!
BUT Kevin has been begging for a play station 3 since the moment he heard they were being made. Like a good wife I made him wait til they would be cheaper but really I was procrastinating forking out the cash!
Then we realized that with a new baby we would need a rocking chair or some form. I didn't like my glider and have decided to just get a little cheap recliner! I nurse in front of the tv since that's what you do all day long anyway! I might as well make myself comfortable...and if I fall asleep in it...I can just kick my feet up and enjoy..
Last but NOT least....remeber all this whinning about how my computer sucks worse than a leech!? Oh yes...Yes my friends...my days of patience have paid off! Here I am holding my brand new laptop!!!!!!!!!!! EEE! I am on it now...and it blows me away.
Really I should be thanking Cody for our nice tax returns...he got a new pair of jeans and shoes...picked out by himself. I love this time of year...now when I am complaining of feeling broke later in the year, I can look back on this post and count all my many blessings...and new toys. Cheers!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YAY for tax returns! I am SO jealous that you are getting that mop! You'll have to let me know how you like it!!

The Saling Family said...

Dang! How about adjusting your withholdings and then get those things through the year instead?! :)

Kelsee said...

I totally agree with you! We love getting our tax returns. Two years ago we decided to buy ourselves a new mattress and I was so grateful that we did because I found out I was pregnant with Cooper and it was so nice to have a supportive mattress. We are paying off debt and getting new carpet! Kids are a great way to add more money to your return! Lol Kelsee

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