Oh what a night!

First off this is by far the most delicious pasta salad I've ever had or made. Recipe here.

Secondly Cody was sick on sunday night with lots and lots of pooey diapers. You know how much fun that can be! I laid him on the couch in front of the tv, came back a few minutes later and found him like this...mouth open really adds te charm..

Thirdly. Ever since getting a new laptop I blog more...you are welcome...but Cody has been enjoying his new laptop as well (old one turned off). It really does keep him busy. He must be tweeting.
Fourthly (is that a word?) We celebrating IHOP'S internaional pancake day where you get a free short stack. Was it worth it? Eh probably not because it was soooo packed, but I can't complain about free food, and free balloon swords. Cody also made a new friend.
And Last, ahhh. This is the best. We got to go to a Jazz game again. But this time we weren't in the crappy nose bleeds....no my friends..we sat in a SUITE! BOO YA! Kevin's work owns this suite so every now and then we will get to go! I don't mean to brag but it had free food (tacos, guacamole and chips, wings, soda) and free dessert. This dessert cart came to each suit stuffed to the 9's with glorious sugary goodness. Kevin chose cheery cheese cake, and I chose lemon cream cake. My cake sucked but I got to take home a caramel apple! Hmmm.

Thank you Kourtney for watching CODY! This was a blast!


Kelsie said...

Two things:

1. The salad looks scrumptious
2. Waayyy cute picture of Cody and Kevin on the laptops

Brynne said...

Wow, that salad looks amazing. Must try. Cody is such a little stuf on his laptop!! So cute! Hope he is feeling better. :/ Jealous of the Jazz game! P.s. you look GREAT.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I am so sorry Cody is sick :( That must be stressful!! I hope he gets better soon!
You are looking great! How are you feeling?

Mama Corleone said...

What great pictures of your little family!

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