What a laugh..

When getting dressed for the Jazz Game last week I kindly asked Kevin to help me pick out something to wear. I chose some jeans but just needed a top. Here is what happened.
"Kevin which top do you think I should wear?"
"Wear that brown one with all the stains on it."
"Brown one with all the stains??.....Do you mean this one?"

"Nooo, not that one"

"OOH, this one?"

"Noo not that one either."
"What does the neckline look like?"
"I don't know! You wore it the other day, but had your apron on all day.."
Then we found a pic of it.
He meant this one.

I love this about him. Simple is what he is. I ended up fussing over a shirt....threw 2 on the floor...and kept my jacket on the whole time. What a waste!

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