Me and Code

Have I ever mentioned before that I adore my son?

I mean there are the days where he drives me so insane I could scream..

but still he's my buddy. We are always together.
And I have to cherish that because when Daddy comes home I am chopped liver.
Oh AND he will grow up eventually into a teenager and really not love me.

I love you Cody. Bestest son ever!


Brown Family said...

I noticed that he's dressed the same in the previous post...which leads me to assume that you forgave him for locking you out of the car! I've been there too! You just can't help but love the snot out of them, even when they make you crazy. You look fabulous btw! Did you ever decide on a new book to read? I'm going to start Hunger Games this week. Love you later!

Norm and Jan said...

Well said girlfriend!!

mrsmonje said...

He is so freaking cute!!

Norm and Jan said...

He totally has your smile....no upper lip... :)

Mamma Corleone said...

Totally! Chopped liver. It's so sad.

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