Wow my daughter has a penis

First off, let me say I love this pic of Cody. He likes to help clean but really he makes a huge mess, but I like the thought. He was sweeping pants free. That's how we like it.

Yes, I am having another boy!

I am slightly disappointed, and ONLY BECAUSE I was totally 100% convinced that it was girl. So therefore I have to admit that I was wrong...you heard me.

Profile pic. This is not my nose, looks more like Kevin's baby.
And my friend was a dear enough to bring me an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT!
(I was jealous of myself, just for the record!)
I've wanted one pretty much since I ever heard of them (No offense Kevin, but she beat you there) hahaha. Thank you KASEY!
Liz, by the way you are also the best for watching Cody, and everything else you do.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Oh my heck! I can't believe it!! I think I am just as shocked as you are! I was certain that you were having a little girl. Oh well, maybe next time Ü

Are those the 3D ultra sound pictures? They are very, very clear for just regular ultrasound pictures!
p.s. why do people ask questions on comments like I just did...it's not like you are going to answer me back :)

Anyways, CONGRATS on the BOY! Yay! Cody will have so much fun having a little brother to play with!

Hope you are feeling good!

Brown Family said...

Boys are good...can totally understand why you were rooting for a girl -- you're the only girl with 6 brothers, and 2 boys of your own already (Kevin included)...girl, you're going to be outnumbered for the rest of your life! I'm super excited for you though!

Mamma Corleone said...

Well I was wrong too! But at least you know for sure that you two make VERY adorable little boys! Maybe a girl would have been...less that cute or something??? Either way, congrats (on having another boy and on getting an edible arrangement. Yum!).

Kelsee said...

Hooray for another boy!!! Trust me, boys are WAY easier than girls! So consider yourself lucky!!! Lol Congrats!

Kelsie said...

Yay for knowing what you are having! Congrats on making a girl have a penis!

Liz and Grant said...

That is great that Cody will have a brother- they'll be best buds for sure! AND you'll get your girl eventually, for now though at least we know you make cute boys:)

Gasaway Family said...

Congrats you guys! Just hope you don't have to have 6 boys before you get your girl!

Brynne said...

You will love loVE, LOVE 2 boys!!! Nothing like brothers. Mine are 3 and 1 and already wrestling and playing in the dirt together. Little hoodlums. So much fun. Congrats!!

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