Forecast calls for a cloudy mind

Lately we've been.....
Prepping for the move...Good hell (kill me!~)
Going to free events (Jazz game and a Bee's game). They aren't free but Kevin's work provides the tickets.

Although we ended up wandering over to the "outfield section", a nice grassy knoll for kids and families to have squirming room.
Also Cody found my stash of chips, and managed to squeeze his fat little hand in there...
Eating Cold Stone (thanks for the GC Mom)
Sharing frozen Pizzas and practicing his gang signs!
Strolling through the mt's in our friends 4 wheeler thingy
Behold! Wyoming!
And the dirt road we traveled getting here. It left about 3 inches of dirt/dust all over us.


mrsmonje said...

cute pics!! Looks like your busy, miss reading your blog!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You look great!
I feel so sorry for you..you're right, packing is MISERABLE!! I'd be over in a jiffy to help if we lived there, so instead I'll send happy packing thoughts your way! :)

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