What I like to call "Nesting"

Ah Nesting. I love thee. I really do. I thrive on organizing and cleaning. Some family we have let us borrow their steam cleaner for the carpets, EEK! I can't wait. We get to go to Target tonight so get the soap for it. I am getting a second crib for this baby, borrowing I should say, and it will be here in about 2 weeks. I am counting down the days til I am put it all together with the bedding. 6 weeks goes quickly and I would hate to not be prepared for this baby. I've been steam mopping 3 times a week, cleaning the bathroom once a week, and trying to keep on top of my laundry duties.
Oh did I mention we got a dishwasher!? We went without one for about 3 months (2 in our apartment, it was broken. 1 here). It's a kitchen aid....eh eh? Okay, but it's probably older than your Mom. None the less it works like a charm, it's very loud (when the kid upstairs is loud is when we do dishes), and we paid $25 for it.
Also I bought ice cream 2 weeks in a row. GASP! Yeah, I thought I would give "Udderly Chocolate" a chance seeing as how I cannot find "brown cow". So far, it's delicious. And it is heavenly when it's hot out.
That is all.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I never officially nested...I don't think. Although, Shawn thinks that I kinda have been nesting my whole life. I'm pretty hyper about having everything just so! Kind of a pain to live with!! Poor Shawn :)

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