Common Complaint

Hair. Again. But yes. Here to complain about it for the 10,000th time is ME.

I want Kourtney Kardashian hair. Or just Kardashian hair in general. But I suppose with that I would want their tan skin, and money. Sigh. Look at how sheen and gorgeous their long locks are. I know it's far too high maintenence though.
I also LOVE a good A line. I pretty much had one since Cody was born. I googled Victoria Beckham's hair, and while browsing for my favorite stumbled across this picture....OMG
"Look at the fun bags on that hose hound!"
If you can name that quote consider yourself my bestie...
For reals though I love this one, and the color. I get so dang tired of pretending I am a natural blond by getting it bleached to death every 2-3 months. You would think having light eyes and freckles would give me the rights to a natural blond head of hair.
What the heck does it matter anyway, like I even do my hair ever. Hahah. It pretty much always looks like this. Yay for Mommy hair.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Amen sister. My hair usually sucks. It is in it's original pony all day whoopee.

Norm and Jan said...

mommy hair.....if we were all honest or REAL give me a break all you fakers out there....you know....fakin that perfection.

lower the bar already


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Holy jiggity-jugs!!! Ya, I'm pretty sure those are not real and have not breastfed :)
p.s. I love your hair just the way it is! It is always perfect!! But, I am feeling the same way about my hair today - I miss the long...please grow fast :)

Kasey said...

Dumb & Dumber! LOVES!
Your gorgeous no matter what hair style!
See you wednesday!!

Mamma Corleone said...

Nah, this is not mommy hair. Mommy hair has way more food in it...and vomit.

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