I won't lie

But would I ever? I am brutally honest. It can be rude. Forgive me. Anyway back to my original thought. I won't lie to you, I pretty much ALWAYS have my cell phone on me. I mean that literally. If I go to the car, it's with me. If I go to the bathroom, it's with me. It annoys me greatly that I constantly have this OCD need to have it with me. I text constantly, but hardly ever actually talk on the phone.

Lately I've been trying to put my phone on vibrate that way I tend to forget about it. Or if it rings I don't need to get up that very instant for it. I am practicing this as well because when I nursed Cody it would drive me CRAZY if I heard it go off and was trapped and couldn't get to it. Then I would go out of my way to go get it, and find that it was a text saying something like "Hey, how are you?". Did I have to get up that very instant to reply to that?? Heck no. That's the beauty of a text message.

I also had this problem post Cody when I would try and nap. If my phone went off, which you know was within a foot of where I was lying, I would sit up and reply. ARGH. If I left it in the living room I was worried I might miss out on something. RIDICULOUS!

I pledge to try and be around my phone less. Don't be offended if I am not answering quickly enough. This doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you, I am trying to prioritize my life BEFORE baby #2 comes along. It's more important for me to bond with my 2 sons and husband, than to be constantly staring down for a text message. Wouldn't you agree?

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