The Birth Story

This may be a little scatter brained. So forgive me. Also the pics are a little out of order.

August 3d
Needless to say I was grumpy this day. I was tired and didn't feel all that great but most of all I was hot as hell all day long. Trying my best to be patient with my toddler, knowing that these were the last few days of just the 2 of us. I wanted to take him to the park, but knew it would end up in a yell fest and a sweaty mess.
My Mom called me around 6 pm and while we were on the phone I noticed a few contractions. What was weird was I was having them but I wasn't moving at all. So from there I tried to keep track of how many I was having. We went to Burger King for dinner that way Cody could play at the "air conditioned park" (playland, for the lay person) and I didn't have to cook anything. By the time we got home I mentioned to Kevin "I think I had about 9 contractions since 6 to now". I kept ticking them up in my and wrote it down when I got home.
We took Cody on our usual post dinner walk. Just around the neighborhood once or twice to get him nice and tired for bedtime. Over and over again I would have these little contractions. WTH. We bumped into my visiting teaching companion who just so happens to be a hynobirthing specialist. I told her of our "birthing plan" and she reminded me that not only did we need a healthy Mom and Baby but in my mind I needed to be "healthy" and happy too. She was right, I still wanted to try for a vbac. She taught me a few pressure points, and things to do and say to myself.
Around 11 pm Kevin fell asleep and I kept cruising craft blogs and facebook, now they were getting painful. I finally decided to time one, just to see. 1 minute long! I thought they were 30 seconds or so. Every single one from here on out I was writing down. About 3 am I couldn't sleep through these at all and quit kidding myself. I was in labor. I had gone for an evening stroll at 2 am and let some family know I might be having the baby soon. I called the hospital at 6 and let them know what was happening. I had anywhere from 11-13 contractions an hour, and they were getting hard to breathe through. The on call doctor who I was speaking to thought I was only 36 weeks, but I replied "Uh no almost 39" "Oh! Well come one in!".
This was where water works were starting. I called a neighbor in our ward to watch Cody, called my Mother in law so she could come into town, called everyone. I was so afraid to get there and find out it was false labor. Needless to say it was not.

I was checked in and dialated to a 4! A 4! On my own. WOOT. We called and let everyone know that this was the real deal. Then I was put in a labor and delivery room around 8-9 am.
I let them know that I didn't want to be strapped to a bed til I had to be. I wanted to keep walking around and wanted to be sitting on a birthing ball if not walking. I think I did 30 laps in that place, but slowly, the contractions slowed me down. The nurse asked if I could be hooked up to monitor the baby some and that's when I sat on the birthing ball, while cruising facebook (get a life! I know...).
At 12:30 my anestethia guy would be going in for a c section. I had the choice of getting an epidural at 12 or close to 2. This really had me torn. What if I got it and stopped progressing?? I would be screwed on my chances at a VBAC. I thought about waiting, then had 2-3 nasty contractions and agreed to getting it at 12. By then I was close to a 6.

I took at well needed snooze (remember I didn't sleep one flipping wink ALL the night before) and tried to rest up. I was still about a 6, so they gave me some pitocin to increase labor. I forgot to mention, when I got the epidural is when they broke my water. A few hours later they checked and I was at an 8! YAY! This is really happening! Unfortunetely we found that the baby was facing head up...not head down. I spent the rest of the afternoon altering from my right side belly to left side belly trying to get him to roll over (as seen below). When I hit 10 we decided to push and see if the dr could turn his head. It didn't work. Infact my cervix started going backwards. She said we'd try again in an hour, and I nearly cried. I wouldn't give up though. An hour later we were back at a 10, while I pushed she turned the babies head. IT WORKED! He rolled over.

Here is when I started pushing for real. I gave it all my might but still wasn't sure much was happening, I love you epidural!! I DO I DO. When I asked if much was happening the nurse said "Oh yeah he's down there, I could see his dark hair!". I lit up like the sky. I. was. freaking. doing it! I requested a mirror, so I could see if she was lying or not. HAHA I knew she wasn't but each push I saw him more and more, and could more and more encouraged to keep trying. The dr came in and just in time too. 30 minutes of pushing was all (nurse said these pushes were "VERY determine" and that I was a good pusher) he needed. He came out and was plopped right on my chest, nasty and as sweet as could be. At this point I asked for the mirror to go away, I'd seen enough...hahah. I did tear, 3d degree, and was stitched up right then and there. Baby was healthy weighing 7 lbs 3 oz. I almost fell over, I didn't think he would get that big. Kevin got to cut the cord and stood with my and Trey as things were getting cleaned up and taken care of. (Stitches-check! Apple juice and crackers for Mom-check!) Life was good.

I think I high-fived every nurse and doctor within a mile radius of me. And thanked them all for their hard efforts and for not giving up on me. I also thank EVERYONE for their support too.
Cody loves Trey, but I think he wonders when Trey is going "home". As if he didn't live here and belong to us. Silly boy.
Kevin was a sweetheart (thank you Donette for staying home with Cody so I could have my husband) and slept on this half ace excuse for a love seat both nights.
Trey being weighed.
Myself after birth.
Trey getting his 1st bath. I was watching from the bed but was suffering from some serious jello legs.

His birth was so much more of a fantastic experience for me. I knew the second one was much easier, or so I'd heard and now know it's true. Now for the hard part, balancing Cody, Trey, and myself. I pretty much kissed my clean house good bye when we left for the hospital :) Thank you everyone for prayers, babysitting, meals, and everything else.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I loved reading your story!!! I am so happy for you that it went smoothly. Trey is absolutely beautiful!! Congrats a million times over! Hope you are getting some rest! xoxo

Liz & Zac said...

Yay! You did it!! Im so happy for you!

Kelsee said...

I always like reading other's birthing experiences for some reason. lol So happy for you guys!!! -Kelsee

Mamma Corleone said...

WOOOOO HOOOO! Thanks for posting the whole story. I just love reading birthday stories.

And congrats on the VBAC. It's scary but so worth it if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

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