Weekend in review

Okay, I know this pic is about the size of a postage stamp but the sunset last night was
B-E-A-UTIFUL. I didn't have the camera with us, so the picture is from my phone. It does not do the sky justice.
Captain Code spent the weekend with Kevin's family at the cabin, like I said before, and he had a blast. It was was a good 2.5 day trip, I was proud of us for letting him go. But I was excited to have him back.
Last night I baked Key Lime Cheesecake. I started it at almost 10 pm, so we finished up around 11:30. I pulled it out and stuck it in the fridge, then around 3 am when I woke for my usual shuffle to the bathroom, I decided to have a piece. Yep. 3 am. It was VERY tart. I will need to buy whip cream today, so then I chased it with a string cheese, and a frozen rice bag. Awesome.
Just wanted a picture of my kitchen while it was clean.
Kevin's Sister was driving back to Colorado and spent Saturday night with us. I love her and her girls company. SO must estrogen! I get ticked though because her mexi tots have way better tans than I do.
She kept putting her forehead on mine for snuggles. I love it.
and yes, that's me in all my fatty pregnant glory. We were home from the hospital by this point with Cody, and it was like 75 out, not 95. DIE HEAT DIE!


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

Suz still looking amazing. I miss you tons and have been wanting to call you but I have lost my phone. Just to let you know you have been on my mind lately. I miss you tons and hope all is well. Love ya

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You do not look fat at all!!! You look so cute! You are a brave Momma to let Cody go on a trip without you!!! That would be so hard for me to do! I can barely do a temple session without feeling like I need to rush back to get my baby! :)

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