Yeah it's kind of a bummer

Trey had to get his bilirubin tested on Saturday, and Saturday evening we had to put him in a "tanning bed". Luckily they delivered it to our house, so we can keep him home with us. The nurse said unless he is eating, he needs to be in the bed. I miss holding him big time.

We rolled his crib into our room so that way he could get his tan on, without Cody disturbing anything, but he still managed to find a way to chat with his little bro.
He will lean over the railing and talk with him a little bit. Or just shake the sides of the crib...either way...
Now let me get all sorts of emotional (but hey at least I just had a baby! What's your excuse?!). I get a little sad when I have to keep Trey in this crib all day long. My Mother in law suggested to move the recliner next to the crib, and I've sat here with him...... a lot. I have a fantastic Mother in law. She's come here and done nothing but clean, cook, and take care of Cody and us. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to her for this.

Kevin has also been a peach. I think I have changed Cody's diaper once since the baby was born. He told me this morning how during the night he feels bad for not being able to help more with feedings, but really he helps so much more during the day than I could ask for. He goes back to work tomorrow, and this weighs heavy on my heart. I know Donette will still be here, but I'll miss his company. (He gags his way through poopy diapers, but manages to find a way to get them done......See below)

Forgive me for all the weepy water works, but I just cannot go on without expressing my thanks.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

That's a huge bummer! How long do you have to keep in the crib for? It was so hard for me when Shawn went back to work too - and we just have one baby...I can't imagine how I would feel with 2 little ones at home!!!
Trey is just precious. Keep those pictures coming!!! :)

Mamma Corleone said...

Adorable! And I am so sorry to hear about all the tanning issues. It'll end soon. Hang in there.

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