Of lanolin and long nights

Just an update on my "teets". Just in case you about them. I am dripping with sarcasm here. I just hope that blogging about things like this can make me look back and be thankful. Or help someone going through the same thing.

Nursing HAS gotten better but still is not where I want it to be. EFF! I will get one nip healed up and good to go, be off the shield, and then the other one get's sore and splits. Then that one get's almost healed and the other one gets sore. MOTHER TRUCKER. Some feeds will go so amazingly I'll wonder why I was complaining, and the next feeding is so frustrating I want to break down in tears. I finally had Kevin give me a blessing, just in the hopes that we will get over this speed bump. I know it wasn't easy with Cody but I don't remember it being this hard.

The worst is in the middle of the night when Trey is starving but won't stay awake and then cries. So I feed him, he falls asleep, I put my girls away, change his diaper and he cries to eat. The last thing I want is him touching my girls when I am half awake and frankly irritable about his sucky ability to not pass out while suckling. Grrr.

I remember inbetween the awful stage, and Cody learning to bite I loved nursing. I mean it still wasn't my favorite but there IS a bond you create. Or when your kid was as fat as Cody you beam with pride that you are the on who created him and helped him grow.
I keep praying this will get 100% better. I refuse to quit but get miserable at times. We are out of tylenol, maybe if I dope myself up on that I won't be so crabby about it. Just know that I am not bleeding anymore so therefore it's waaaaaaay better but still I want it to not hurt ever. Ever.


Kourtney said...

I hope the nursing gets better :( At least I know when I finally have babies you can sympathize with me, right? ;) Also, I am in love with that chubbylicious pic of cody!

Stef said...

Kudos for sticking with it! I'm sure you've already tried it but out of my 4 kids the only one I got sore with was my second because he would roll his bottom lip under once I started checking that I got better. Just a thought but it sounds like you've got it under control!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Ohhh! I am so sorry! I remeber those days!!! :( Hang in there.... it will get better, I'm sure!

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