You know my husband, Kevin

This is Kevin. I've introduced you two before. Here he is with his foot "popped" from my sweet kiss. I can't get enough of him. He's too funny. Although yesterday was the day I've been dreading since January. College. Football. Stared. Son of a stitch. I think we argue more in the fall just for this reason alone. I am all for Boise State, but I couldn't care ANY less about the other teams. I don't care about the calls, the hits, the uniforms. I just don't CARE. Have you seen dumb and dumber? "NO, and I don't CAAAAAAARE!". I let him love it because I already have his play station time to a very minimum. Dumb.
He and Kyle Post jumped for joy when they won the fiesta bowl, and I mean they jumped while in a full on frontal man hug. It was awesome. I know other than his kids, and the gospel, this is his #1.
I also know he misses living there like I. When you went to a game late, you could hear them screaming "BOISE.........................STATE....................BOISE.................STATE" He claimed it gave him goosebumps. None the less I did love going to the games.
Here is to a new season my friends. If your husband is ignoring you during a game, please feel free to text me. I'll be here for you.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i'll be texting you.... :)

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