Trey's Blessing/Cody's Party

We blessed Trey yesterday on 10/10/10. I had no idea it was 10/10/10 but I am not sad that we accidently choose that date. It's way easy to remember. We thought since Cody's birthday was only a week away that we would have his party while everyone was here for the blessing.

I kept fretting over getting his cake just right. It was devils food with chocolate pudding filling and cream cheese frosting. Well. We tied the balloons to the cake dish and the wind hit it. Here is what happened...
Erica and Russ came! They are the only ones in our ward closest to our age. Not like we aren't close to others, but age wise, and they only have 1 little girl. Kenzie pie.
Chatting while waiting for the hot dogs to be ready.
We later found out that Cody was sharing his sucker with his brother while in his car seat...
Erica and I. Isn't she too cute?
Danny smoking the weiners.
Julia (SIL) and my Mama.
Everyone digging it. It was baseball themed. So we served hot dogs and brats. Shelled Peanuts. I had cake pops that looked like baseballs. And salalds. GET IN MY BELLY!
Danny, myself, and Kelly. That's also our birth order.
Kelly Belly and I. Sometimes I tell new people that we are twins...I get away with it.
Cody finishing off the bag of chips.
Kelly and Trey.
Trey in his blessing outfit. It's the same one as Cody's except we added the Mr. Rogers Sweater.
And Grandma Great (yes that's his "great" grandma) made him his own afgan.
The SEE family.
Our little family.
The Hammond family.
Cody never stopped playing alllllllllllllllllll weekend..
Shortly after we came home I found him like this....
It was fantastic. Trey's blessing was very sweet. I love our ward too. Thank you everyone!


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

What a speical day! Those boys of yours are so stinkin cute!!! {love the cake, hehe}

Steph and Dave said...

I wish I could have been there so bad ): It looks like it was a great weekend. We love all four of you lots.

Brynne said...

I love the baseball theme! Such a cute idea! You and Kelly COULD be twins...also...you look amazing.

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