I'm warning you...

Thanksgiving 2010
Colorado Springs
(picture overload..what??..you like it)

looking a little white trash on the way over
we left at 5 am and it was a 12 hour drive...
Beautiful drive.
This kid watched about 800 movies
I was sure his brains would leak out of his ears at any given moment..
Slumber Party!
The best part about twin girls?
Double the cuddles!
Olympic Training Center
Focus on the Family.
More cuddles...
Doing what we do best.
Invesco Field Tour
It was pretty impressive.
This kid.....talk about cute.
Thanksgiving Day.
Aunt Stephanie.
Kevin's Birthday Present.
And what Cody chose to do with it...
Pit Stop
BSU Partay.
But they lost.
Food was still awesome.
Umm look where his hand is...there are no words...
Kevin's Birthday
Don't let his face fool you, this could would be sobbing in his cake without us girls....
Did that overwhelm you??

Now you may comment.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

fun fun fun!!!! i love all the pictures.
that picture is too funny of cody sleeping. i probably wouldn't have even noticed the hand if you hadn't said. how funny!
wasn't that bsu game so SAD!!? i don't think shawn slept at all fri. night. :(

mrsmonje said...

there wasnt as many pics as I thought! looks like you guys had a great time and Im super bummed we werent able to get together!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

great pictures!!! glad you had such a fab time :)

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

ha ha!!! I only just noticed the boys up in the Olympic Ring!!! Aweosme :)

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