Oh yes she did.

I know everyone does this. And I am going to do it to.
I cannot go on today without stopping to count a few blessings.
Yes. I am blessed. Our family is greatly blessed.
Money always seems to be semi tight with us.
We are done with school, but that just means it was time to pay the school debt.
Without getting into a financial confession hour I will just go on with my story.

We were down to little money this pay check and by that I mean like $1. Oh well.
It happens to all of us. I am not embarassed to say it.
Cody was out of diapers, Trey was out of diapers, and we were out of milk.
Gas tank was running low.
I wasn't too worried.
We paid our tithing Sunday, like always. But this was from last month, we were late.
BUT still it was paid.
This morning I spent some time with my upstairs neighbor/landlord.
After a while she suddenly said
"Do you guys need some diapers? We have some extra size 4's"
I kinda wanted to cry but just thanked her, and left it at that.
Then we discussed nursing bra's..I still need one, mine is being held together with hot glue.
She brought me one of her's never worn and gave it to me.....

Kevin's work gave us a $60 gift card for our Christmas dinner.
We don't need a turkey this week, but we did need milk and bread.

How thankful I am.
I. am. blessed.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

god is good, huh? :)

Alex said...

blessed? yes you are!

mrsmonje said...

I love how life works out sometimes! Thank you for sharing this!!!

Norm and Jan said...

great --- love you sweetie!!

Steph and Dave said...

This gave me chills. I love you guys!

Liz and Grant said...

Pretty much amazing things happen when you pay your tithing. I think if I were to ever go inactive (which I won't) I would still pay my tithing. We've just had too many miracles come from paying ours! So glad it all worked out!

She Ra Princess of Milk said...

since Matt lost his job we have more food in a house than ever.... people leave food on our dorrstep and we never know where it came from. It is humbling but God loves us so much and He is taking care of us... glad He is active in your life too xxx

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