What am I doing to pinch pennies?
To stretch a buck?
To be better with $?
I will tell you.
And hopefully it will help you out too!

1. Live in basement apartment where the rent includes utilites, cable, and internet.
This way I don't have to cut these things out of my life :)

2. Pay tithing in full.
Boo ya!

3. Budget. My husband is an engineer for a construction company. Half of his job is to budget. So he made me a fancy pants spread sheet to which I type in every single purchase.
It's helping a lot.

4. Switched to white meat. Yes. I prefer ground turkey to ground beef. It's better for you, and you don't chew on the occasional piece of gravel or whatever the heck is in beef.
I pay $1.76 a lb for my turkey. And even less when I buy the giant chubs.

5. Not only did I switch to cheaper meat, I use less.
For 1 batch of tacos I use 1/2 a lb of meat. And it's working like a charm!

6. Pay off Credit Cards with taxes. We were supposed to last year and got all sorts of caught up in our "needs" which no one "needs" a play station 3. But who are you to judge me right??

7. Costco membership. Don't have one? Me either, I just abuse my neighbors :)

8. Work it off! I sell my hats, earrings, and other random crap that I make. Also I do hair, and will do it for an extremely reasonable price.

9. Speaking of hair. I go on dates with my husband, but instead of paying a sitter, I do gals hairs and trade them for babysitting. Done and done.

10. The best way I know to save money is to not leave the house! HA! Seriously though. If I go "wander" target I will walk out with SOMETHING, and that's annoying, plus the $1.76 I pay for popcorn and a soda. Then I am usually famished on the way home,which means I MUST have a hard shell taco and a soda...you see the point......

What are you doing to pinch some pennies?


Whitney Renee said...

I make my own laundry soap. a penny a load baby! I also make my own baby wipes. so easy!

Stephanie said...

I never pay full price. I'll use coupons on things that are also on sale :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

good for you girl!

pretty much i don't. i am not creative and i am too lazy - ANNNND that is why we are absolutely broke!

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

hmmmm I just make sure we have enough money for bills..pay them off and what we have left is what we get..haha maybe I should get a cool spreadsheet thinger too...

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