Just so you know

There are a few things you might need to know about me.
Or probably already know.
Just so you know...

I am extremely competitive. In just about anything I do. And it can get old.

I am very nostalgic. But that doesn't bother me. I love it.

Being a Mommy is the best job ever. I don't think I realize how blessed I am to stay at home.
I love going to church. And sometimes not for the right reasons. Don't get my wrong I love my spiritual growth and such. But I also love a reason to get dressed, and go talk to people. Probably because I DO stay at home. Hmm. Don't judge.

I am obsessed with vacuum lines. And trust me. My upstairs neighbor has noticed.

Speaking of vacuum obsession. Because I am. Therefore. Cody is.

As a child and a teenager I hated my body/weight. I always wanted to be thin. It was always on my mind. How sad! Just enjoy your life!
I didn't always love other peoples kids. Not like family. But sometimes other peoples toddlers drove me insane. And now I have a toddler that probably drives people nuts. Yay for karma!
My mouth often tastes like foot. Whaaat?
I am saying I put my foot in my mouth very often.

I really really love my husband. I got THE pick of THE litter. Best. Guy. Ever.
I still leave loads and loads of laundry sitting on my bed waiting to be folded. Week after week.

I have not worked out since Trey was born. It doesn't really matter to me, but my legs are super weak these days. I was walking into Target with Cody and tripped....went to catch myself and still fell since my legs couldn't hold me up. Man!

I watch anything with the Kardashians because I am a winner like that. HA!

I still really like this hair. But know myself that I won't do it.
I've trained my son to get himself a string cheese from the fridge, and also to bring me one.

I dream of opening my own cupcake and bakery shop.

I love my honda pilot so much. I don't like being so attached to worldly possesions. Ya know?

Well that is all for now. My kids are awake and I am starving.

Is there anything about YOU that I should know??


Brown Family said...

I dream about some rich anonymous donor paying off all of Ty's and my student loans AND I have a really annoying fear of failure...I start a project and don't finish it...if I don't finish it, then no one can judge how good (or not) my work is.

capperson said...

Love this! I love anything Kardashian and I know how you feel about getting dressed up for church.I do the same because I take online classes and spend most of my time at home. I also love that hair!!!! Too cute!!!

Kourtney said...

Love the black and white skirt! And your hair is way cute brown with bangs :) Almost makes me want to cut mine....

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