Food and such

This is one of our favorite meals.
Bourbon chicken.
We make it at least once a week.
Recipe found here.
Valentine's Day was pretty casual around here.
I am not really into it but get butt hurt if we don't do something...
How high maintenence.
That morning I bought myself a rotary cutter(finally).
Then I sent Kevin a pic message that said
"Thank you for the v day surprise" (sarcasm)
To which he replied "I was going to get you on after work, DEAD SERIOUS."

Kevin is not a liar.
Great minds think alike.
Cody has a few apps on my phone that he loves.
He is 2 and a phone addict already.
Some example I am!
This is the latest item in my Etsy Shop.
I love her.
Don't forget the darling fabric inside.
I know!
By the way did you enter to win those earrings below?
I was kinda shocked at the lack of entries.
If you don't want them then I will take them!
Okay I wouldn't but get on it!

1 comment:

Tyler & Katie Rice said...

Hey, I was looking at etsy the other day and saw a bag like that and I loved it! Way to go you!

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