Our Story

Suzi was 18.
Kevin was 23.

They met through a mutual friend, and conveniently our singles wards met in the same church building, which happened to have 2 chapels, so their wards even met at the same time.

Kevin was going to school and working at RC Willey.

Suzi was working at Starbucks and looking in hair school.

Kevin liked Suzi as a friend, and enjoyed her company.

Suzi thought Kevin wanted her body and wouldn't let up.

She was wrong....at that time.

Kevin and Suzi hung out a few times.
Took a few long walks full of silliness, and laughs.

One day Kevin came over after Suzi got off work, she was starved, so she asked Kevin if he wanted to go with her to lunch. He replied yes.

Suzi took him to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint, which Kevin already loved.

Suzi noticed the more time she spent with Kevin the more it left her thinking about him, but that was crazy talk.

Kevin and Suzi went on a walk one evening, during said walk, Kevin let Suzi know that he was developing feelings for her, and she was extremely hesitant..."that's nice, let's go eat"...was her reply.

Suzi knew she felt the same, but knew that she didn't see the relationship ending down the road. Which made her nervous, but in a good way.....

One May evening Kevin and Suzi decided to make it official, that they would date and see where it lead.....

March 25th the following year they were sealed for time and all eternity
in the Boise, Idaho Temple.
Two plus years later Cody Kevin Hammond joined their family.
And has been their stinker ever since.
Quite a Daddy's boy in fact.
Less than 2 years after that Trey D Hammond also came and joined their clan.
Mommas heart breaker.
And Captain Handsome Hair to everyone else.
Now Kevin and Suzi are in the process of trying to buy this home.
To call their own.
And to raise their babies in.
To bake cookies in, argue, laundry, cuddle, watch tv...ect..
And to be honest I hear they are pretty pumped about it....
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Brittany said...

Cute story! P.S. Hope you get your dream home someday

Brynne said...

What a cute read! Love the house...hope it works out for you! Bag is SUPER cute. :) You're so creative.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love hearing the 'how we met' story!!! yours is so cute!!!

i am crossing my fingers and toes for you! that house is super cute!!!

good luck! :)

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