Weeds I say!

My boys will not stop growing at a rapid rate.
Like weeds only less annoying.
It's totally uncool.
Only because I feel like I am being robbed of cuddles and time.

This is how I found my boys last night.
I laid Trey down with a bottle of prune juice, then found Cody cuddling.
Trey is 7 months old today.
He can now:
Almost sit up (my kids are slow)
Eat some solids
hold a juice bottle
drink from a sippy
I am pretty sure he can roll both ways but he has yet to prove it.
Sleeps anywhere from 8-10 hours a night
Also likes to say "baaaa ba ba ba ba ba" which means? Nothing.

Cody is almost 2 year and 4 months.
He can now:
Drive me insane (he's 2)
Talks a lot
"fix it!"
"DaddySue!" (He calls me Sue)
"Trey Trey a mac!" (thinks all semi trucks are "macks")
List goes on and on
We have also moved him into a big boy bed aka his crib mattress on the ground.
He does so well! I am honestly shocked.
He goes right to sleep.

AND we are in the process of potty training....
It's not going so bad.
Let me explain.

Last week I decided it was time to potty train Cody.
He would say things to me like
"I stink!" "I need a new diaper"
But during diaper changes would kick and scream BAD.
I usually wanted to smother him with a throw pillow.
I stripped him naked.
Lots of accidents but some success.
Then realized we were in the middle of trying to buy a home, I am still nursing, and I have a teaching calling.
SO I gave in and put him back in a diaper.

2 days ago he came in the bathroom while I was TCB (taking care of bidness)
and claimed he wanted to "go potty on lightning" (his seat is lightning mcqueen)
Um, what? Are you sure?
Also he wanted his lightning underwear.

So far we have had plenty of accidents and plently of success.
The first night he stayed dry all night long.
I checked on him about 6:50 and thought "I'll get him in 10 minutes and sit him on the potty"
4 minutes later he showed up in our room soaked in urine.
Last night about 3:30 he was crying about Buzz.
I went in and he had an accident.
He was mad he peed on his buzz lightyear slippers.
As soon as he saw me he yelled
"I need to go potty on lightning!"
Obviously too late at this point.

We are getting there.

Also one more funny story.
There is play place at the mall we like to take Cody.
A lady came came around the corner in a wheel chair.
Cody saw said woman and lit up.
Pointed and screamed "BIKE! BIKE!"
I was humiliated and tried to leave asap.



Tonya Jean said...

I LOVE your blog! So honest and funny! Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your boys are so cute!!! i HATE that they grow so fast!!! :( i had the momma blues the other day when jax turned one!!! STOP GROWING PLEASE!!! i didn't feel like i had enough time to hold him while he was a baby and now he is a toddler!!! crazy!!

mrsmonje said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE AND OBVIOUSLY GROWING WAY WAY TO FAST! sorry all that was in caps, im not going to retype it. I am also super glad that hes kinda wanted to do the whole potty thing on his own!

Brynne said...

When I read "weeds" and saw the first pic, my first thought was that your boys watch that show with you! (I've never seen it, but I hear it's dirty). Glad to read that it's just that your boys are growing like weeds!!! :) lol. It does go by in a flash... :/

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