The Word of Wisdom

On Sunday we had a fantastic lesson at church about eating healthy
and the word of wisdom.
Then our teacher passed out strawberry's the size of my fist instead of candy.

I felt motivated!
I wanted to eat healthier.
I want to take care of my body.

Which is ironic.
Yesterday I not only had a cupcake after breakfast.
Then followed by 2 girl scout cookies.
Then half a rootbeer float.
Then 2 chocolate chip cookies!

I don't eat that bad normally.
That was quite a terrible day.

I challenge to take better care of our diets.
Our bodies.
Start excercising.
And quit diet soda.

But only when I am good and ready.

By the way I have nearly 70 followers!
If I get to 70 ...
I will do...
do a....

There you have my word.
70 followers = backflip (on neighbors trampoline).

1 comment:

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i wish i could be healthier too!!! one cupcake after breakfast is not bad ... i would have had like 3 :)

and wow! 70 followers!! i think we have 2 :)

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