Taylor freaking Swift

Ladies and Gentleman.
I went to my very 1st REAL concert.
Taylor Swift!
Best part about it?
It was FREE.
Kevin's work had suite tickets.
So free dinner and dessert as well.
Boo ya.

Here she comes!!
Our view.
It was PACKED.
And then some.
Kevin being a good husband (as far as being at a super girly concert).
The grand finale.
What I learned.
I like smaller concerts with less peeps.
I wouldn't pay for a concert over $50 ever.
And I had fun :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oooh! it looks like so much fun!! i've only been to one concert too... but after we left i wondered if i could still keep my temple recommend!!! eeeek!!! it was a pretty crazy concert! that would be fun to be up in a suite! at least you weren't forced into crowd surfing or anything :)

and i totally feel like a 13 yr old girl, but i LOVE some of her songs! i bet the concert was amazing!!! looks like a great date night!

Brynne said...

Cool! I love big concerts. And small ones. :)

Vanessa Goertzen said...

Wow! I am totally jealous. What a great little date night!

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