I'm an official bloggin slacker.
And I just don't care :)

I thought I'd post about my sweet boys and the funny things they do and say.

Just in the past month or two has Cody started caring for Trey. The whole reason we had Trey was to give Cody a buddy, and he hasn't much cared for him since day 1. BUT now they are starting to play and get along. Which is HEAVENLY.

Talks A LOT. You can hardly understand him (if you're not me), but he tries.
Goes to Joy School every Wednesday and has a blast.
Narrates our life for us and movies.."MOM A TRAIN!!" "We're going to the store"..
Has given up napping completely but seems to like going to bed at night a whole lot more.
LOVES Mac and cheese, peanut butter and honey sandwhiches, bacon, cereal, yogurt, ramen noodles, chicken nuggets, apples, carrots, MILK....etc.
Is quite a terrible listener, but indeed is VERY sweet. Knows just how to butter me up.
When placed in time out he insists "but I'm SORRY!!" then sometimes comes out of time out saying "I'm not sorry!". KIDS!
I wake almost every night with Cody laying in bed next to me, to which, I scoop him up and put him back in his bed (unless it's past 6 am, cause then it's just free cuddles!)
Sings lots and lots of songs.
When he see's signs or anything starts pointing and saying "E e e e f g!" As if he is trying to spell it out.
Loves to bake with his Mom.

Chatter box! Says Milk, Mom, Dad, cheese, kitty, ball, bottle, dee dee (blanket), amen!, Train, please, thank you, AND BEYOND (after you say "to infinity!"), BOO! Ect....
As posted above will whisper during prayers and yell out AMEN! Long before anyone is done praying.
Climbs climbs climbs.
Loves to read books and be read to.
Taking baths is a favorite pastime, and during said time throws out all toys.
HATES diaper changes. He will yell potty and sit on the actual toilet. But never goes potty, just wants to be like Cody.
Plays really well with toys by himself.
Loves RIO! Dances the whole time.
Puts up a good fight now if Cody takes a toy, but never ever hits.
Helps clean up toys without ever being asked.
Loves the pool (we went last weekend).
Coloring is a daily must for him.

One night our boys were taking a bath and as Trey started to climb out Cody yelled "GET YER BUNS DOWN TREEEE!"
We had a good laugh.

We love love love our boys and all the chaos and love they bring into our life.


Brynne said...

Love the squinty-eyed smile. :) Your boys are so cute. Brotherly love is the best to witness, huh?!

Teresa Farmer said...

Your boys are getting so big and that is great that they are finally getting along!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh man! i've missed your posts! :) i can NOT believe how BIG your boys are!!! they have grown so much, so fast! they are stinking cute too! love their blonde hair! i'm glad they are becoming good friends! so sweet!!!

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