Code and I

I wish I knew why Cody and I have always butted heads.
As a baby obviously we got along but as soon as he could walk, I was pregnant with his brother.
And sometimes I feel like having Trey made Cody love me less.
Which makes sense too because Cody doesn't always care for Trey.
I know this is crazy talk but it's true.

Whenever Kevin is home he wants NOTHING to do with me.
It's him and Daddy against the world. Doing their manly man crud.

Once in a greeeeeeeaaaaaaat while Cody will request for me.
To which I drop EVERYTHING and go running to his beck and call.

Tonight he requested to cuddle with Mom.
Kevin handed him a cookie on his way to lay down with me...
He bit into the cookie, broke it in half and said "Here ya go MOM"...
I took it and wanted to cry.
This is SO rare. I am not saying Cody isn't a wonderful kid.
He brings me daily joy I cannot explain.

Cody is his own kid. He knows what he wants, and that is WHAT HE WANTS.
If he doesn't want cuddled then screw you, it's not happening.
If he wants fruit snacks when I say no...he'll pull a stool up and get them himself.

I love his determined spirit. And I love his "engineer" mind. Always getting his tools out and trying to figure out how things work and run. He could live at home depot if we let him!


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