Dreams do come true

I recently met the other love of my life.
His name is Dyson. "D" for short.
We see each other every day.
Kevin doesn't mind because he helps out around the house.
And what a great job he does :)


HippyHomemaker said...

I hate you right now. lol

I keep telling my husband that if he bought me a Dyson it would be awesome and I'd love him even more forever. It's the one cleaning product you can buy your wife that isn't actually offensive.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

do you really like your dyson? i have only used one once and i didn't like it. but it was an old one...maybe that's why?

i want a new shark for our hard flooring. that is LOVE for me!

Laura said...

You are hilarious! I love my dyson, we got it like two years ago and still doing great! I love all the attachments! I was like you when we first got it, so amazed by its power I was vacuum crazy, it wore out sadly, but I dont have kids which mean less crumbs haha

Teresa Farmer said...

Jealous! I want one of those so bad but they are so pricey!

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