Adventures of Blankey: Cody

That when I made Cody his "blankey" when he was a baby, that he'd become SO attached to it.

It pretty much goes with us everywhere.
It gets dragged on the dirty floor.
He wipes his dirty hands, face, and nose on it.
He recently started wading it up and calling it his "airplane blankie".
Whenever I try to wash it while he's awake it's a MELTDOWN, the entire time, in fact I came back down stairs and he had pulled it out of the dryer and was clenched onto it, and the blanket was sopping wet.

I love you Cody, You're welcome for the blankey.

1 comment:

Mikelle and Nate said...

This is so cute. It is like Linus on Charlie Brown who carries his blanket everywhere he goes! Love it!

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