What grinds my gears

I am going to be straight up with you here.

I am 5 feet tall. Not 5 foot 1... 5 feet tall.
I weigh 130 lbs.

I used to weigh 124-125.

You wouldn't think 5 lbs would make thaaat big of a difference but I swear all I see when I step on the scale now is...
I know I am not.
I am cute as a button.
Perhaps a little squatty...yes. But I am short.

Since doing the 30 day shred I feel like I am looking more toned.

Like in my head I look like this..
But then I open my eyes and see this.
I swear I was meant to be a body builder in this life.

I have the thighs of a gymnast! But with a layer of chub and cottage cheese!

This sounds like a negative post but all and all I think I look great.

With an extra 5 lbs or not.


Amanda Nicole said...

People always get mad at me when I say I have thunder thighs.. but to me thunder thighs are just muscular thighs.. which I have and always have. I was a dancer and all the other girls were tiny and I had these huge legs that were all muscle. I lost a lot of weight, not intentionally.. but still have muscular thighs. Being toned is so much more attractive than being a skinny stick, well.. at least to me! Scales suck, I wish I could just never step on one again. As long as you're happy with what you see in the mirror, that's all that should matter!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

ooooh you do look amazing! seriously! i am super jealous of your tiny little figure! hopefully i will get back to that when i lose this baby weight!! you're doing awesome!

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