Breakfast in Bed?

Not around here :)
Seeing as how we have 9:00 church we don't bother getting up early for food.

After church today Kevin and I got to work on my craft cabinents.
They used to be brown, but I painted them white. Then...

I let my super duper smart math minded husband tape it off for me.
 Not only is her handsome but he's handy too?  And smart? YES!
 Then I got to work painting.
 Here is the view from our front door looking up.
(It's loft/landing at the top of our stairs)
 Coming up the stairs.
 View from our bedroom door.
 Not only did Kevin tape the whole thing for me, but last weekend he built me a headboard.
 I am so in love, it's just paint, verticle boards, and crown molding on top.  SO really it's just an optical illusion of a headboard.  But I think it's lovely.
 Our boys spent the day lounging together.
They are so close, if they spend 5 minutes apart they are asking for each other.
During church Trey kept crying for COOODDYYYY!
 And we finished off our evening with a new recipe.  Frozen Hot Chocolate :)
Cody sat up on the counter and helped me with the blender, and enjoyed some himself.

Words cannot express the love I have for being a Mother to these two boys.  They bring me such unlimited joy, and suprise me everyday with all the new things they learn, the funny things they say, and the love they share with our little family.  I cannot thank Heavenly Father enough for letting these two boys come to this earth and spend their life with me.  


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

suzi, your house is seriously ADORABLE!! i love all the cute pompoms and lanterns you have hanging! and you craft cabinet is sooo cute!

happy mothers day!! :)

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erica said...

ok, pretty much I want to move in now . . . love love love your crafty decorations!

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