Meet Sage.
She's my brothers roommates dog.
We have her on loan for a couple of weeks.
He is considering giving her away and we are considering a dog.
She has SO much personality.  Very needy.  Follows you everywhere.
Likes to eat food scraps off the floor, play fetch, terrified of vacuums.

We aren't 100% sure yet if she is permanent.  
But we love her. 

 I love to wrestle with her.  I am mature like that.
 And to say that my boys are in love is an understatement.
Actually.  Mainly Cody is. 
 Trey gets upset because if he has a snack she is big enough to walk up and eat it.
Then comes screaming over for another one.

We are still learning.  Although we love her.
And the best part is...


Brynne said...

She's super cute. There are definitely pros and cons...but that's for anything, really. The longer you have her, the more you will fall in love...and she with you. :) Good luck making the choice.

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