{Hawaii 2013}: First few days

Kevin and I decided this year that we seriously needed a vacation, without kids.  As much as we love them, we don't often get a break from them, and it can be wearing.  I actually wanted to take our money and finish our basement, but Kevin put his foot down.  We originally wanted to do a cruise but upon our searches we found flights from Boise to Hawaii for $550.  That's for Kevin AND I.  So cheap!  We booked the flights immediately and started searching for places to stay and a car to rent.

Since the flights came out of Boise we arranged for Kevin's parents and Sister Stephanie to watch our kids all week, and couldn't be more thankful!

We found a little place to stay on Sunset Beach on the North Shore for $70 a night!  It was 100 feet from the beach.  Gorgeous!  I can't remember how much our rental car was, but Kevin assured me it was a steal. From there it was just saving our money so we could play.  

Our flight was pretty awful if you ask me.  It was SO tight, none of the seats reclined, and by the end my hunger monster/headache were in FULL swing.  Poor Kevin.
 Sunset Beach.  Hideous isn't it??  There were surfers out there to watch.
 Happy Mothers Day to me!
 Teds Bakery.  We ate here EVERY day.  Yum.  Their blueberry muffins were so yummy.  I want more.  They had chickens and roosters walking around, I thought they were smart!  If I were a chicken I would hover the worlds best bakery!
 Day one was spent just exploring, we would drive until we saw something and stop, then go explore.

 And then we tried our first Hawaii butter garlic shrimp.  (I am not a huge shrimp lover so I only had a piece or two).  Kevin still cries himself to sleep at night that he can't have more.
 Each shrimp truck had a hand washing station out back.  Kinda funny.
 Our Sunset Beach, again.
 Day 2 we hit up Waimea Falls.  We were there before they even opened.  Our jet lag had us asleep by 8 pm and awake, so we were up early daily.  Unfortunately there had been a lot of rain so the hike to the waterfall was super muddy and they wouldn't let you swim.  I wasn't going to pay money to hike if I didn't even get to jump in once we got there, so we just looked.

Huge peacock just walking around, I was tempted to touch him.
 All I am thinking it "Man this place is hideous...." sarcasm......

 They had a wall of movie and tv posters that had been filmed there.  LOST!!  I loved lost.
Pics are a little out of order.
Leaving Boise.

 This is when I was "Hangry" I almost cried, how sad is that?  Kevin nearly named me Mariah Carey for being such a diva.
 These flowers fell off the trees, like roses here.  It was crazy!
 Our first Sunset was rainy so we watched from the car
 Om nom nom
 We stayed in the place on the right behind the fence.  It wasn't any 5 start hotel at all, but it worked perfectly for us.
 My first coconut.  The water wasn't my favorite but I had to try it.
 Favorite Shaved Ice.  EVER.  My favorite combo was rooter beer/creamsicle and Kevin chose pineapple and guava.

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Brittany said...

Hawaii is so beautiful! I'm glad you two got to escape to paradise together! I need to take Alan there! I'm trying to think but I believe that the hotel you stayed at is the same one my parents stayed at for their honeymoon. I think it was rebuilt though. Don't you love the roosters and chickens? It's like their version of pigeons or seagulls. It is a VERY long flight, and worse 7 mo pregnant with bad AC and sitting with a family of 3 in 2 seats that each parent weighs 250lbs. No joke. Hopefully the flight home wasn't as terrible. I hear that flying Quantis to Australia is pretty luxurious... maybe next time :)

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