The fight not worth fighting.

By the State of Idaho I am a licensed barber.  I cut hair for about 3 years before Cody was born.  Since birth I've given him every hair cut he's ever had.  His first was fine (4 months old) but since, has been a NIGHTMARE.  He refuses, screams, pees, kicks, spits, hits....you name it.  I am pretty sure his head spun all the way around once.  
One saturday I threw in the towel and took him to Cookie Cutters.  He was a champ.  I was sure to tell the lady that I do cut hair, so I am anal.  I didn't want to be paying $15 for a garbage hair cut.  He was so happy, held still, smiled.  He even let "Bree" put gel in his hair.  That fight I also lose every single day :(  But at least we found a solution!  
The last time we went in I told the lady to tell Cody that he needed to let me gel his hair every day to keep it looking as cool as spider-man.  I asked him about it the next morning and he replied "No only the ladies at the place can gel my hair".  Stinker.

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