Cowabunga Bay

This year we decided to splurge and buy passes to Cowabunga Bay.  It's a kid friendly water park about 15 miles away.  So worth it.  
My boys are in love, but we can't go too often or they get burnt out and ridiulously over tired.  

$1 squirters...

 Sadly on one of the days I lost track of Cody.  We were waiting at the bottom of the slides and told me he wanted to go down the "blue" slide which we had done plenty of times before.  I wasn't sure if it was a long line or he chickened out but it was a good 8-10 minutes when I thought something wasn't right.  I lugged Trey up the long stairs, looks, tunnels looking for him with no luck.  Then one of our friend cam walking over with him.  
Apparently a life guard found him crying and wasn't able to tell her who I was or where I was.  So when our friends spotted him and the life guard they took it from there.  I didn't know whether to strangle him or kiss him!  I was scared.  Luckily he was wearing a life jacket and the deepest the water there is only 3 feet, but still.  Scared me to death.
 This is Trey crying at me when I said it was time to leave "5 more minutes!"

 Cody taking a quick rest.

 Too bad it's not empty like this all the time.  We got there right when it opened..

 Once again, sad to leave....
 We stopped by the store on our way home for bubbles, Trey couldn't even make it out of the parking lot before he fell asleep.
 Tuesday has $2 dip and dots, so I thought "Why not".  Spoiled kids. 

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