Hawaii 2013 {a butt load of pics, last post}

The last few days in Hawaii
We spent one entire day in Honolulu, first we went to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium (a giant circle of booths that wraps around the stadium where you buy super cheap goods).  Afterwards we drove to Pearl Harbor, which I thought was really neat.  Following that (in the same day) we drove to Hanauma Bay for "famous snorkeling".  It was pretty sweet, but in the end it wasn't worth the $15, when we could do other places for free.  The following day we went to the Polynesian Culture Center.  Also very very neat but so very expensive and packed!  I am not racist but the place was overflowing with asain's.  We wanted to stay for the fancy Luau dinner but for petes sake we didn't have the cash by then and were done being around enourmous crowds of people.  
Last day was a free day.  We drove down the road and snorkeled Sharks Cove, which I wish we had done earlier in the week once we had.  It was amazing!  A bit rough to get out past the giant rocks, but seriously amazing.  And by the I was a snorkel expert!  (Well at least not panicking every time I went under)
I am so so so glad we got to go on this trip, but was very happy to get to go home and be with our boys.  

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.
 Pearl Harbor

 Waikiki Beach (very amazing, but very crowded!)
 Downtown Honolulu.

 Hanauma Bay
 I know it sounds dumb but you forget how salty the ocean is!  It's NASTY.

 Honolulu View.

 Teds Bakery breakfast.  Every morning.


 You can't tell from this pic but I couldn't have literally licked the lady beside me she was standing so close.  We got there nice and early for a good spot and this huge group came and swormed us.  I was ready to kick some ass.

 Coconut tree climbing.  He made it look easier than I look climbing a flight of stairs!

 I loved that this guy looked like a brown version of one of my brothers :)

 Shrimp up to my eye bawls!
 I really only could eat 3 pieces at the most.  Then I would trade Kevin for his rice.

 Between the sunscreen and sand we were a hot mess all week long.  Makes sense why most houses have an outdoor shower.
 Kevin ordered me cake for breakfast one morning.  You don't see me complaining.
 SHARKS COVE (probably the coolest thing I've ever seen)
 Rental Car
 Our last trip for heavenly shaved ice.

 What the...
 FYI without my fedora hat my hair looked like this ALL dang week.  
Salt water, wind, and fine hair = this shiz.  Just so you know.  
 I had 10 years worth of sun in one week.  Don't you worry I smothered myself in sunscreen.  SO much.
 Awaiting a sunset.
 Double Rainbow

 Seriously thankful Kevin's parents and sister were able and willing to watch our boys all week long.  The trip was very relaxing, fun and bonding.  HAWAII, we'll see you again in 5 years!!

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