Oh hey, did I tell you?

It's old news by now but April 3d (ish) we are welcoming another baby into our family!

I won't even lie to you, this was a surprise baby (we don't say accident because let's be honest, we know how babies are made), but it was a little unexpected.  None the less exciting and more than welcome.
 Telling my parents....

 I want to frame this one and put it on a wall in her nursery.  So cute.
 8 week ultrasound.  You can barely see.
 Bought this book for my boys, but they don't care for it, boys. 

I was very sick with this baby.  I was with the boys as well but I must be getting old or something.  It really took it out of me.  I would wake and eat then go straight to the couch, get up and feed the boys, go back to the couch.  We watched a lot of tv and I took a lot of naps.  No shame here.  Luckily I was prescribed zofran which helped a lot but I still threw up daily, and sometimes 2-3 times daily.  ALL the way until 19 weeks.  
Now that it's over and done with, I've completely forgotten how unpleasant it was.  Good thing we forget! 

I cannot wait to meet this little nugget!  

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