Movie tagged, heck yes

1.Favorite cartoon movie?
I would have to say Open Season,
2. Favorite sports movie?
Benchwarmers, its not really a sports movie but it envolves baseball.
3.Favorite Star Wars?
I don't like start wars, not gonna lie.
4.Favorite Tom Cruise Movie?
I like last samuri as well.
5.Favorite Romance Flick?
Probably the notebook, not very original.
6. Favorite Actor?
I have a few, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, Adam Sandler (I know he can't act), will Farrell, and Doc. Cox from scrubs, Patrick Warburton (aka David Puddy)
7. Favorite Actress?
I love Rachel Macadams, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore.
8. Favorite Classic?
9. Favorite Action/Adventure?
The Bourne Movies
10. Favorite Soundtrack?
Moulin Rouge
11. Favorite TV sitcom?
Seinfeld, Lost, I am just starting to watch Scrubs.
12. Favorite Comedy?
Happy Gilmore.
13. Least Favorite actor?
Probably Tom Cruise (only cause I think he's annoying in real life so its hard for me to take him seriously), Brad pitt (same reason, I think he can act)
14. Least Favorite Actress?
Oh stupid models turned to actresses, who do they think they are!? Tyra Banks, Mollie Sims,
15. Most recently watched movie?
Probably Cinderella, or 13 going on 30

I tag Theresa, Mandy, Amanda, and who ever else feels like filling this out.

1 comment:

Walker Family said...

I knew this tagg would be up your ally! Hang in there. . .you are almost back in boise and we can eact chicken backs and sew!

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