First day of fall. . .

I love the fall! I am typical, its my very favorite season. Here are a few reasons why its my favorite.

Nothing like a warm cup of cocoa, I prefer mine with mint.

If I don't wear slippers, my feet go ice cold, not matter what. I get a new pair every year and they get their money's worth!

I love the leaves or leaf's (bad grammar) I love to watch the colors go so vibrant but am actually sad when they fall to the ground. You better believe I am not the one to rake them up.

Okay I really need to grow up but this was too funny!

I don't know who's babies these are but they are warm and cuddly. I can't wait for the birth of our son. To have and to hold him, and just to have him out of me quite frankly! I can't wait to see Kevin be a father, and to see the way he will change our lives.


Ader Family said...

STARBUCKS mint hot chocolate...mmmm.... so good!!
I love the fall too. But kinda sad about it this year since I have no one to walk through the beautiful leaves holding hands with... perhaps one day. (sorry, throwing a pity party)

Jen said...

Minty hot chocolate is good...but I love caramel apple cider for fall. :-) Are you going to see the Twilight movie?

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