Once again

I know I know all my post have something to do with my pregnancy, but its a huge part of my life, and my body right now! I am 37 weeks, and when I had my doctors appointment Monday that's what I measured at. So I am measuring like 4 days early, although the chances of him coming early are pretty much slim to none! Kevin and I were both 2 weeks late! 2 weeks! Our poor mothers! And the funny part about it was that at birth I was taller and out weighed Kevin. Right now I almost look like I out weigh him but I don't. There are funny little quirks to the end of pregnancy that I never really knew about. The swelling feet for example! People no longer gawk at my big belly they go straight for the feet. Also, non of your maternity clothes really fit anymore, and lets be honest, motherhood (the store) was exciting at first but really you just want a regular wardrobe again. I love the fact that my shirts and pants aren't really touching anymore, its a good thing I am short, otherwise you could see my belly hanging out all the time. That's all I have for the joys of pregnancy for today. Tune in next time!

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Josten and Sarah said...

Amen to being sick of maternity clothes! Sometimes you actually miss seeing a waste in you outfits! Don't worry, you're almost there!

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