Cody's "Blessing" Pictures

As I had mentioned in Cody's Blessing Post, we didn't manage to get any pictures of Cody dressed up in his blessing outfit. Or us holding him dressed up or any like that. This morning we put him back in that outfit and took pictures so just pretend they were taken on his blessing day, and he never has to know so don't tell him!

Our Family

"Oh look Mom! We have the same nose!" Says Cody.

Oh Hi Mom!

Handsome Boy!

Mr. Code Man

Matching Outfits!

Cutest Boys in the world


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

He changes so much. He is starting to look like Kevin now. I wish that I could be their to see your little man. I wish that I could hold him. He is so handsome in these pictures.

The Ericksons said...

That blanket is beautiful! I love when they are all dressed up so tiny. Crazy how the time flies once they are born...and pregnancy is so slow, huh?!

Jen and James Stovern said...

Those are so cute! :-)

Walker Family said...

Such a handsome little guy, suzi! Honestly he is SO cute! He has the best mix of both you and kevin. Love his hair, love his nose, love his eyes! Just love him. . lets do lunch again soon!

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