New Mom's Group

Today was a big milestone for me! I got up took Kevin to school, came home and showered, got dressed/ready, and took Cody to new Mom's group with me. It was a big deal. About a week ago I got the okay from our doctor to lift the car seat on my own as long as I was careful. WOO HOO! I think the hardest part about recovery was that I couldn't do regular things on my own, Okay I could, but I would get in big trouble for trying. And now tomorrow Code and I are going to Twilight together! I will post pictures from that tomorrow. It was just very exciting to feel normal again. Side note- thank you everyone for your help with my recovery, Meals, company, cleaning, rides, everything! Now, just a few pictures of Cody and Mom.


Bonnie said...

How cute is that bummy!!!
Thanks for blogging so we can see your family happenings.
Cody is a little Kevin!
We are happy for you.
Wish I could hug him. We may have to meet you at the cabin!
Greatest Aunt Bonnie

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

He is so darn cute. I love it. You look so happy. I love there little bums. It is the cutest thing ever.

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