Fondue. . More Like Fundo!!

We tried FONDUE! It was AMAZAZING if I do say so myself. Amanda, our best pal hooked us up at Mona Lisa. We just did the chocolate dessert. Yummy!

Lovers and Friends (Ludacris song)

Family Fun


Shaken not Stirred 7up!

Cody's 1st offically messy blow out (he's had small one's before but this tops it)


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

That looks like fun. Fondue sounds good. The worst blow out I ever had was with Bryson. I could shot poop like no one else. Every time I put nice clothes on he made sure that they were covered in poo before long.

See That Crazy Family said...
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Gasaway Family said...

Hi guys! You sure have a cute little guy there. We were wondering if we could get your address so we can send you a Christmas card. Either leave a comment on our blog or email it. bradgasaway@gmail.com. Thanks!

See That Crazy Family said...

Wow. You really have to put a warning before the poop shot. I was eating when I checked that out!

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