I love hand-me-downs

Let me rephrase my story. I was freaking out about our messy house while holiday decorating yesterday. Kevin goes to school all day and works at night. I can't put up the lights by myself, with no one to watch Cody for me. Kevin had the car and the stroller, so I remembered that I had a few "slings" and went to go dig one up. I had a snuggly which I don't know how to use. And a wrap n wear, also don't know how to use. Luckily the wrap n wear came with a instructional dvd. I was set! I bundled us up and walked to Joann's fabrics (we live across the street from there). Although it doesn't seem like much of a walk, you do have to go down to the corner for the cross walk, and then it's a big parking lot. It was nice to really stretch my legs. Cody fell asleep almost instantly. You'll also notice I am wear a blue tooth. You heard it. I'm one of those people now. Actually Kevin got it for me so if anyone calls while nursing, or any other activity while my hands are occupied I can still talk. Lord knows us new mom's need social time. Thanks Kevin.

Getting ready to leave. . . bundle up!

Just came home. Rosey cheeks and ears.

And as you can see Cody enjoyed himself.

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Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You live by Joanns? Ustick/Cole area? Man, you are really close to us- we must gets togetha!!

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