It's hard to believe that we started another year already. This is 2008's review.

January, we were "sort of" trying to get pregnant, and by that I mean I was trying Kevin was letting it happen when it happens. (hahah). Another start to a semester which meant closer to being done with school for good.

February, still working hard to get done with school, and I was working hard cutting hair. Half way through the month the big surprise came! We were PREGNANT! Shocked!

I looked and looked for a march picture, and didn't find anything. Although we did celebrate our 2nd anniversary in march, so a wedding picture was appropriate.

In April we said good bye to Kelly (Suzi's little brother) as he left to serve a mission in Jacksonville, Florida! We are so proud of him. Also we recieved the news that Kevin had been accepted to Granite Construction for a summer intern. We would be spending the summer in SLC.

This is the road on the way to Utah! One more semester behind us and only 2 to go!

We had the opportunity to spend some time with our friends who live in Wyoming this summer, it's so beautiful. Suzi also turned 22. And we found out we were having a boy.

July was busy busy. Suzi was working at Sunglass Hut, Kevin working 60 plus hours at Granite, and we spent any spare time on the golf coarse.

August we said goodbye to Salt Lake and hello to our old friend Boise. Kevin started school, and Suzi went back to work cutting hair. We also found our newest (and by far the sweetest) apartment.

September was spent preparing. We tried to get as much sleep as possible knowing that when the baby was here, we wouldn't be getting much. Also retaining as much water as humanly possible!

October we welcomed Cody Kevin Hammond. We LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He's the best baby, and the biggest blessing we could have ever imagined.

November flew by. Kevin got a job working part time, and full time in school. Cody and Mom were getting to know each other better everday.

December was also great. We spent Christmas in Island Park. It went by so fast, I'm not even sure what to post.

All in all we had a fantastic year. We are thankful for everything that we have. We look forward to the adventures 2009 will bring us.


Amanda said...

Ok... so you go to customize at the top of your blog after you log in... then when you are on the layout page click on the link for your blog list... like you were going to add another one... then there should be a box you can check that says "last updated" or somthing like that.

Kelsie said...

Yea us! We are now officially new bloggin' buddies!

It was fun to hang out with your cute little family. We will have to do it again soon.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

This is such a cute post ... I think I'll copy it next year Ü

Kayla said...

Island Park, as in Southern Idaho's Island Park? I love that place. My uncle has a few cabins there! What a sweet place.

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