Photo Tag

No, sadly I wasn't tagged, but now I can tag everyone else! You must take these pictures of these things as they are! No cleaning, do you hear me? I thought it would be fun to see what things really look like.
1. Laundry Room. Ours is never really dirty I suppose because it's a closet not a room, and today is laundry day!

2. Closet, ah our closet, I suppose there is a reason no one ever see's it. It's quite a mess.

3. Fridge. This is a surprise! It's got something in it other than condiments, cheese, and milk!

4. Favorite shoes. I bought these from Ross in 2003. I LOVE THEM. They are super worn out and getting ugly but I just can't seem to get rid of them. I suppose it helps that they make me feel tall.

5. Self Portrait. I totally forgot to take one, for real I did!
6. Kitchen Sink. Also very dirty, although we had a delicious chicken dinner last night and sugar cookies, so I am okay with the mess.

7. Favorite Room. I love the bedroom. I like to put in a movie and fold laundry sitting on the bed, I like the window beside the bed so I can watch it snow too. Plus this is where I can rest at night:)

8. Bathroom. Our isn't that messy, but it sure needs cleaned! If we ever build a house I am not doing shower doors, I like shower curtains much much more.

9. What your kids are doing right now. This is Cody hanging out with me by the computer, getting mad. He's so cute.

I tag, Sarah Cornett, Theresa See, Kelsie Porter, Lyza Walker, Keli Langston, and Amanda Henneman.


Amanda said...

Cute... I am doing mine right now

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Sad Day!! Ü Where's my tag!
i LOVE those shoes ... I would wear them into the ground too Ü

Kelsie said...

My favorite room is the bedroom too!

I've taken all my pictures, now I just need to post the dang things. Maybe tomorrow...

Walker Family said...

I'll do it. .it may take me a few days to get around to it. . but I'll do it. Love your sweet apartment.

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