Suzi Homemaker

I've been embracing the crafty/artsy side of myself lately. I think it's because I have more time on my hands, and it's nice. Here are a few examples.

This is a painting I am working on for Kevin's birthday, no not his coming up birthday. The one he already had. Oops. Guess I should hurry up.

Thank you Theresa for the scraps. This is my rag rug I'm working on for our bathroom. It's wild and crazy colors, no one ever see's our bathroom, so nothing has to match.

My latest hat. I've always done ribbons on my hats, but decided to try buttons.

This is a birthday present for my friend, I'm sending it off soon. It's soo soft, I want to keep it for myself.

This one I was just feeling extra domestic. It's a spinach, mushroom, and cheese omlette. It was very yummy.

Any finally, I embraced my fear of sewing machines. Here I am making my SIL (sister in law) Stephanie a hooter hider. Thanks for your help Theresa.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

You're so great!

Walker Family said...

Suzi, you are amazing! You need to teach me and also i want your sigar cookie recipe please!

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