Five Months

I wish I had the money for yan photography, but honestly I don't. I bartered with my friend whom also takes pictures, I colored her hair, she'll take pictures of Cody. I told her I wanted to wait til he could sit up, so they would be more worth it. I decided to take some more in the mean time. Our camera is OLD SCHOOL digital but it works for now. Here are my results

Forever Young

When I grow up I want to ....

Endless Possibilities

Oh HI Mom!

Grumpy Gills!

Tastes Like Chicken!

Tongue! And my friends Edward and Lindsey.



Liz and Grant said...

I'm don't think lindsey likes to be in pictures with people that are cuter than her;) The pictures are great, I especially like the first two.

Greg and Julie said...

Did a great Job. Love the 1st two the best, but you did great. Good for you for taking the time to get some good photos.

See That Crazy Family said...

looks good

Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

AWESOME!! I love the pix- the forever young one is so clever! You have the see photography gene after all!!!

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