I am embarassed to tell this story but thought that if I did it would make others feel better about stupid things that we all do.

Last Friday during Cody's bath time, I leaned over to check the water temperature and bang, my cell phone drops right in the water! BAH! I snatched it out and let it dry, it works alright, but seems slightly possessed (this phone survived a drop in the toilet this July as well). My wonderful friend Sarah found a phone to replace mine, for free, and I was so grateful.
Late this evening I was giving Cody another bath leaned over and what happened. Yes. Yes it did. I DROPPED IT AGAIN! I dropped my new replacement phone in the toilet a week later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!
My phone is sitting in a bag of rice in a spot where I KNOW the sun shines. Hoping that it will live. Anyways, thought I would leave a cute picture of Cody to lighten my mood.

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