Rice Cereal and One CUTE Boy!

Cody tried Rice Cereal for the 1st time! I was trying to wait as long as I could, but I thought he may sleep better at night it he was a little more full. The first night he was extra tired and extra hungry, so he wasn't happy with it at all! As you can see.

The second night went much more smooth, little piggy ate it all, and didn't mind it one bit.

Such a tired boy, he's been sick, so he's pooped!

This is how he sleeps sometimes, we have to tuck the blanket behind his shoulders to keep the binky in his mouth. Silly boy.

Just plain CUTE.

Bath time with Dad!

Bright eyed handsome boy.

My friend Sarah and I went to dinner, and Cody fell asleep at the table.


Darin and Sarah Frank said...

I have that same long sleeve green polo shirt for Bryson too. I just love Cody so much. He is just too funny that kid.

See That Crazy Family said...

That looks like Cafe Ole!

Melissa said...

He is just adorable Suzi!

Cory and Kaylynn, Emily, Owen said...

Did you make that blue and yellow blanket?! It is socute-almost as cute as your boy!!

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