Spring Breakage

For spring break we decided to take a short trip to Wyoming to see our friends. It was a blast, as always. We left Wednesday morning at 5:00 am and then left wyoming at 12:00 Friday. Saturday morning Cody and I left for Twin Falls at 2:00 and made if home by 10:00 pm for our nephews baptism. It was a busy busy week.
I needed proof that I have driven on a road trip

Sharing a crib. How stinking cute.

Best Buds

snuggles with Kevin, how sweet.

Cody is almost 6 months, Cameron is Almost 11 months.

Pretty sunset on the drive home.

Getting so tired of being in the car, Cody was behaving better than I at this point.

Stephanie (SIL) 33 weeks pregnant? Right? Me, and Cody.

Grandpa and Cody, they seem to make a good pair.

Cody looking so handsome for church!


Gatten Gang said...

What a darling picture Suzi. Cody is a doll!!! J

Darin and Sarah Frank said...

He is so cute in his church outfit. I think one of the pictures he looked like he has red hair maybe it was the lighting.

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